Graphic design sites, as we all know, are full of amazing design and the best of it is often in the form of great images and captions.

But sometimes, even the best design can be overshadowed by the fact that the most famous of them is also one of the most widely shared and widely shared.

That’s the case for the Instagram-famous image of a black cat wearing a black suit and a black shirt, which has gone viral since it was posted to Instagram in August.

Its captions read like an inspirational manifesto, and many of its followers have since joined in, creating an almost daily stream of images, captions and captiions from the cat, including some from the designer, Dany Sanz.

As it turns out, the cat is also a fan of many of Sanz’s other designs, and when she noticed that the Instagram account of the designer’s other products, a line of books, was receiving a large number of likes, she decided to create her own graphic design post.

“I started by doing a little bit of research and trying to find out more about Sanz,” says Mark Williams, the creative director of designer-owned company Nymoo.

“I found out she had done a lot of her work for the likes of Dany, so I thought, why not do a post that is very similar to her?”

The post was a bit of a surprise, however, as Williams says he’d never seen anything like it before.

“It’s really interesting because it’s something that you would never normally see from an Instagram user,” he says.

“You’d think, well, this is the guy who does the best-selling books.

But the fact he’s so well-known and well-liked by his followers and the fact this is his own product, it was pretty much a no-brainer.”

The cat’s post also received some feedback from Sanz, who responded with a simple tweet explaining that her cats love her work and she’d created the image as a joke.

“A cat would probably love a picture like this,” she wrote.

The cat had also tweeted a photo of herself holding a copy of her book, but Williams says that when she saw the cat’s response, she realised that the cat had noticed that she was being photographed, too.

“She just thought, ‘I guess it’s the cat’,” he says, laughing.

“She wasn’t even trying to be funny.”