Graphic designers are getting creative and experimenting with new logos for their current teams.

Here are five examples of graphic designers who are pushing the boundaries of their profession.

The Washington Capitals’ new logo features a stylized crossbar, a shape used in the modern American flag and a stylised eagle in a stylizing of the Canadian flag.

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ logo is a crossbar with a stylicized cross-hatched shape.

The logo is part of the Penguins’ new “Future History” collection, which features more than 100 designs.

The Edmonton Oilers’ logo, which is also part of a Future History collection, is a stylistically inspired cross-shape with a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal cross-tail.

The Minnesota Wild’s new logo is an image of a cross-shaped triangle with a triangle in the middle.

The team is launching the new logo with a series of public events in February.

The New York Islanders’ logo features an image from a game in which a puck hits a cross in a crosshatched cross shape, similar to the NHL logo.

The Los Angeles Kings’ logo uses a cross to represent the cross-hairs of a hockey stick.

The Kings’ new design features a cross and an eagle.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ logo incorporates a stylistic cross-hair, a type of cross that is commonly seen on the NHL’s “The Wings” logo.