It is not a secret that female designers have a reputation for producing graphic stories with gender-neutral images.

But this year, as more women are entering the field, there is also a growing body of work that has used more female-oriented imagery to create graphic stories.

Here are seven of the best stories on this year’s list.1.

A Story of an Unsuspecting Woman2.

The New York Times Cover Story About Female Designers 3.

This Woman’s Story: How an Unwanted Woman Helped Shape the Modern World4.

An Unsolved Story of a Missing Woman5.

A True Story of Female Design6.

An Undisputed Fact: The Most Unwelcome Girl in the World7.

The Best Women of the World are Female8.

A Women’s Story of Beauty9.

The Story of A Beautiful Woman10.

A Girl on the Edge of History11.

A Woman’s History of Fashion12.

A History of Female Fashion13.

A Tale of Two Women14.

A Young Girl’s Story15.

A New Age Fashion History16.

A Very Good Girl’s History17.

A Short History of Feminism18.

A Look at Fashion History19.

A Journey Through Fashion20.

A Great Girl’s Journey21.

A Life of Fashion22.

A Long History of Male Fashion23.

A Modern Fashion History24.

A Female History of Design25.

A Beautiful Tale of a Man26.

A Personal History of Beauty27.

A Love Story of Two Beautiful Women28.

A Message from the Designer of a Feminist Designer29.

A Man’s Journey of a Woman30.

A Time of Change31.

A Graphic Journey into the Past32.

A Fashion Story from the Future33.

A Feminist Perspective on Fashion34.

A Guide to a Feminist Style Guide35.

A Little History of Women’s Clothing36.

A Year in the Life of a Female Designer37.

A Family Story of Men’s Clothing38.

A Romance Story of the Man and Woman of Fashion39.

A Visual Journey Into the Future40.

A Brief History of the Girl Power Movement41.

A Memoir of the Year by an Unidentified Woman42.

A Quick History of American Fashion43.

A Hidden History of a Beautiful Girl44.

A Photo Album of a Girl’s Life45.

A Mother’s Story46.

A Secret History of an Unknown Woman47.

A Collection of Modern Women’s Fashion48.

A Unique Story of Women in Fashion49.

A Beauty Story of Beautiful Women50.

A Search for a Modern Girl51.

A Wedding Photographer’s Story52.

A Song of Beauty53.

A Gift to a Daughter54.

A Letter to a Woman 55.

A Valentine’s Day Message56.

A Note from the Artist57.

A Portrait of a New Age Designer58.

A Conversation With an Unknown Man59.

A Classic Fashion Icon60.

A Visit from the World’s Greatest Designer61.

A Traveling Photographer’s Journey62.

A Design Journey into Women’s Design63.

A Style Guide for an Unseemly Girl64.

A Career in Design65.

A Retrospective of a Designer66.

A Tribute to an Artist67.

A Homecoming of an Iconic Designer68.

A Springtime Wedding with Style69.

A Vintage Style Guide70.

A Mystery of a Modern Designer71.

A Special Relationship with an Icon of the Fashion Industry72.

A Christmas Story with a Designer from a Design Career73.

A Designer’s Journey into Fashion Design74.

A Color Story with Color-Coded Images75.

A World in a Snapshot76.

A Contemporary Fashion Story77.

A Proven Career in Fashion78.

A Legacy of Fashion Design79.

A Creative Work from the Past80.

A Inspiration from a Designer’s Family81.

A Holiday Story82.

A Shifting Fashion for an Iconically Beautiful Man83.

A Stylish Woman’s Journey84.

A Vision for a Beautiful Family85.

A Reimagining of an Artistic Legacy86.

A Pastime of a Young Woman87.

A Reflection on Fashion in the Twentieth Century88.

A Return to Style for a Changing Era89.

A Moment in Time for a Young Girl90.

A Surprising Journey91.

A Passion for a Woman’s Cause92.

A Decade of Design in the Future93.

A Self-Portrait94.

A Lifting Fashion Story95.

A Scented Dress96.

A Supermodel in Fashion97.

A Stylized Dress98.

A Perfect Valentine’s Gift99.

A Glamour for a New Generation100.

A Fierce Style for Men101.

A Happy Couple102.

A Sexy Dress103.

A Daring Fashion for a Fashion Icon of a Generation104.

A Vibe for a Wedding105.

A Romantic Journey106.

A Dance in a Modern Style107.

A Fall in Love108.

A Dream of Fashion109.

A Musical Valentine110.

A First Love Story111.

A Daughter’s Story112.

A Sweet Surprise