German designer Bruno Mähling has created a new logo that’s just about perfect for the country.

The logo, created for the German flag, is an elegant and colourful design, which combines elements of the old, modern and retro colours, which are also used on the flag of Austria and France.

It’s a simple, clean and clean-cut design with a subtle, yet effective, modern flair.

The design is simple, elegant and simple.

The colours are very simple, and the text and design are very crisp.

The word “GERMAN” and “FAN” are positioned on the bottom of the logo, while the word “HOLY” is above.

The letter “M” is on the top, with the “I” in the middle and “W” at the bottom.

The “S” is a large “S”.

Mählings logo is a simple and clean design that combines elements from the old and modern colours.

It’s a modern, clean-cutting design that makes it easy to use and it’s very simple.

It is also very simple to use.

The design is easy to read and it doesn’t take long to find the right elements.

It has a clean look and feel to it and the elements are easy to see.

The colours are used throughout the design, but it is particularly nice when the colours are placed on the right colours.

Mälsings logo is also a great logo for restaurants, stores and hotels, which could be the reason why the design was chosen.

The new logo will be released this summer.