Graphic designer jobs in Australia continue to grow, with the number of full-time jobs in the industry expected to increase by 6 per cent in 2018.

The Australian Graphic Design Council (AGDC) says the job growth will help offset the loss of full time jobs to the construction industry, which has fallen by more than half since 2011.

It says the increase is due to a combination of structural changes in the construction and engineering sectors, and an influx of students into the field.

The new jobs include full-timers working for large organisations in both the commercial and residential sectors, as well as small firms that offer a range of consulting services.

But the job creation could also be temporary, with some businesses saying they will only hire more graphic designers if demand is strong enough.

Some companies are now actively looking to hire graphic designers to fill key roles in the future, according to the ACM.

The ACM says the jobs will require an average of 20 years’ experience in a technical or professional setting, but will be well suited to students with a passion for graphic design.

This will allow the designers to work with the needs of the industry as it evolves, with a strong emphasis on creative and professional skills.

It also says the new jobs will offer flexible working arrangements, meaning employers are not restricted to only hiring from a particular geographic area.

But it is also expected the demand for graphic designers will continue to increase, with new industries such as the advertising and design industries expanding their recruiting and training programs.