The ‘graphic designers’ of the future: Graphic design is now a skill, not a job

Graphic designers are now “a skill”, not a profession, a new report says, and that means they can become “graphics designers”.The report by consultancy McKinsey & Accelestar paints a dire picture of a world in which graphic designers are expected to work as graphic designers, not just as graphic artists.“The ‘graphics designer’ is no longer […]

Graphic design flyer for the US flag from National Geographic

Graphic design for US flags and the American flag is a popular way to show support for the nation’s history, culture and heritage.This graphic design has become a very popular activity for students, families and community groups to promote patriotism and the United States flag.Here are 10 ways to get started: Start by drawing a […]

Why some people think you need to be a graphic designer to make your mark

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me what it was like to be an entrepreneur.We had a great conversation, and I’d heard her say it often.“I don’t need to know how to be successful,” she said.“There’s so much that I want to be doing, so I’m not going to waste my time.I […]

The world of graphic design: 50s design in a photo essay

In the early 50s, people would wear clothes that didn’t have sleeves, so it was often possible to take a photo of your clothes, which would show the silhouette and the fabric.It would be your first impression of the designer.But by the mid-60s, designers were starting to start to use photographs to show off their […]

How to find your ideal career path

A graphic designer with an eye for design is worth taking the plunge into the field.It’s a rare position with such a wide range of skills and opportunities.It can be challenging at first, but once you’re established, it’s a rewarding one.Here are the best graphic design jobs available today.1.Graphic Design Internships, Graphic Design Jobs and […]

Why does floral design require so much work?

The job of a graphic designer is to design and print graphic design.It’s one of the most exciting jobs in the graphic design industry.But what’s it like designing and printing flower design?Flowers are often a challenge to print because there are so many different shapes and colors and textures, which can lead to unevenly printed […]

Why I’m paying more for graphic design and graphic design skills

I’m starting to pay more for my graphic design work.The cost of graphic design has dropped to about $10 an hour, which is an increase of $20 since I started doing it two years ago.It’s a big increase, but the payoff for me is worth it.If you’re a designer, you should be paying more.But even […]

How to turn a business into a design powerhouse

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece about the power of graphic design to change the way companies operate.I’ve since been following the story of a woman who started an online shop with the help of a graphic designer, who, in turn, made a fortune selling a set of digital prints that were, […]

How to get a job in the graphic design industry

Graphic design is an important industry in our country and in many countries around the world.In this article we look at how to get started in the industry and give tips on how to succeed.1.Find out what you want to do Graphic design has a rich history, dating back to the dawn of civilization and […]

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