Graphic designer Matthew Haughey has created a free GIF app called VoucherGIF that makes it super easy to make GIFs on your iPhone or iPad.

The app is called VOUCHERGIF and it uses the gifting app’s gifs library to create GIFs.

You can download it for free at the Vouchers page on the app store.

It’s a great app that will make GIF creation on the web more enjoyable for everyone.

If you’re new to gifs, you might want to check out this tutorial for more information on how to make gifs.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started: A free gifting account like Vouchers VoucheTutor, Vouches Voucer or VoucheryIf you’re looking to make some GIFs with your iPhone, you’ll also need an iPhone app like Vocaloid or VocaloidsTube.

Vouchat, Vocalspeak, Vocalist, and Vocalizer are all free iOS apps you can download for free.

You’ll also want to download Vocalio to add your voice to your GIFs (if you’re using a microphone).

Once you’ve got VouagerGIF up and running, you can add GIFs to any app on the iOS App Store.

Here are a few other GIF creation tools you might like to check: GIF creator for iOS, Giphy GIF creator, Giftap, ImageJumpsource, GIF creator tool for iOS and more.

For more tips on gifs on the internet, check out the GIFs 101 post from Ars.