Fiverr co-founder Kevin Rose is a “troll” whose business “featured a wide range of fake accounts and accounts with names like ‘Darth Vader,'” according to a former co-worker.

“The company was known for its trolling,” said one former Fiverrs employee, who asked to remain anonymous because the company was still in business.

“He was also a troll who used fake social media accounts for promotions and promotions of products.

He had a tendency to go to Reddit and then comment on the forum and post about it.”

“He is the biggest troll out there on the Internet,” said the former employee.

The former Fivers, who were not named in the story, also accused Rose of using fake Twitter accounts to promote products.

“It was obvious that Kevin Rose had no real business background, and he was simply selling products on his site to people who didn’t have a business background,” said their former coworker, who did not want to be identified.

Rose did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

“If you think you’re going to be promoted, you’re probably not going to get promoted,” the former Fivenrs coworker said.

“Kevin Rose, as a self-promoter, was an absolute waste of time.”

The former employee, whose Twitter handle was @FiverrPodcast, said Rose also “spammed the subreddit” with fake accounts.

“I think people were looking for someone to help them,” he said.

The alleged trolling included a fake Instagram account for a “Fiverrs” account.

Rose had the fake account, @POTUSFiver, posted on May 17, 2017.

The account, which has since been deleted, was set up by “a user on Fiverrr,” the employee said.

A screenshot of the Instagram account.

Twitter, the social network, is known for allowing users to use its platform to advertise their businesses, which can often lead to a lot of traffic and leads to users liking or following businesses, including those with negative reviews.

But the employees said that while many Fiverry accounts promoted products, Rose was the “biggest troll” they had ever seen.

They also said that Rose had a habit of commenting on threads on Reddit and the Fiverrl subreddit, which are frequented by Fiverrus’ users.

The employees said Rose made a habit “of commenting on things that were about the company.”

One Fiverruter user, a Reddit user who goes by the name @Fint_Fiver_, said he regularly saw Rose posting about products on the subreddit.

The employee said Rose would post “a lot of links” on the subreddits, including links to products that were sold on Fivers.

“There was a certain type of product that people would buy, and Kevin would post links to those,” the Reddit user said.

He also said Rose had “a tendency to spam the subreddit.”

“When he was a self promoter, he would just go to the subreddit and say stuff about himself that people might find interesting,” the Redditor said.

One of Rose’s fake accounts, @darth_duvina, had several posts on the Fivers subreddit.

In one of the posts, Rose wrote that he was looking to promote “a new product.

I’ve already been promoted on the Reddit thread.

I want to see if I can get a little traffic and I want people to take it.”

The Redditor who has since deleted the account also posted a screenshot of a YouTube video from June 4, 2017, in which Rose appeared to discuss the promotion of a new product: “I’m gonna start doing this, I’m gonna do this, because I really like this.

This is gonna be a thing that will change the way people look at fashion and clothes.”

Another FiverR user, @Firmerman, also shared screenshots of Rose posts from May and June 2017.

“This dude has some really funny shit going on with his videos, and his tweets are just funny,” the Feralman user wrote.

“When I saw the trailer, I knew I was gonna buy his product.”

“It’s all very self-serving and I think that people have a lot to learn from that,” the user added.

The other Fiverri, @fiverrucer, said she found the posts “disturbing,” and said that her former coworkers have accused her of being “very insecure” about her work.

“She had this very insecure tone about her personal life and her work life and things,” the fiverr said.

She also said she had a “really good relationship” with Rose, but she said that he didn’t take the time to tell her what he was doing.

“Even after I told him what I was doing, he kept going and going and I would say, ‘You know what?

I’m just not interested in