In a bid to attract a more diverse audience, Fox News has recently launched a graphic design certification program to attract the “nicest” people in its audience.

In a press release posted on the company’s website, states that “a graphic design degree will allow you to design for a broad audience and achieve your full potential.”

The company claims that the program, which will be offered through its website, will offer the following certifications:”An online graphic design course designed for graphic designers who have experience in print and video design.

The course provides a broad-based curriculum with an emphasis on graphic design and video editing, creating content for Fox News and other Fox properties, as well as web, print, and video production and distribution.”

Fox News also claims that “all graphic designers will receive a certificate to demonstrate their knowledge of digital media, digital content creation and presentation.”

FoxNewsGrammy Awards 2017: Fox News Grammys winners announced, plus winners from other categoriesFoxNews: FoxNews Grammys 2017 Winners announcedFoxNews Graphic Design Certificate has been available since August 2017.

The program offers the following certification requirements:To apply, simply follow the instructions in the application form.

In addition to the certificate itself, the application must include a cover letter, resume and an academic statement.