Graphic design letters have become a staple in the advertising world, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to find in stores.

And even though you can search for them online, they aren’t as readily accessible to consumers as you’d think.

According to a new study by Adobe and Adage, nearly half of Americans still don’t know the difference between graphic design and advertising, and even though they can search through a few Google searches, the words aren’t nearly as popular as they once were.

The study, conducted by Adobe’s digital advertising and marketing research team, also found that Americans still tend to associate advertising with marketing, rather than design, when they search for “design graphics.”

The study found that only about two-thirds of people think advertising refers to a person or company, and only 30 percent think of advertising as an industry.

The study also found, however, that people who associate advertising and design more strongly than graphic design do not always understand that the two terms refer to different things.

“The word graphic design refers to the design of an article, whereas the word advertising refers only to the presentation of an advertisement,” said Adobe Marketing Director David Waddell.

“When you are using advertising or graphic design to sell, you are really describing a different medium.

It is an inherently different way of doing business.”

Waddell says that even though Americans are still struggling to understand the difference, the word graphic can be used to communicate an idea and that the word is “significantly more effective” than other words.

“People often associate the word design with advertising, which is a huge misconception,” he said.

“The word design refers only about a quarter of the time when you search for the word ‘design’ online.

When you search online for a word, you often get hundreds of words, but only one or two that are related to advertising.”

The Adobe study was conducted from February to May and surveyed over 12,000 people online.

Adobe is an ad and design technology company that specializes in creating digital advertising content and products.

The company partnered with Adage to conduct the research and the findings are available online.

Waddick says that for graphic design the word needs to be different from the word advertisement.

“It is very important that people understand that a graphic design is not the same as a sales brochure,” he says.

“It does not describe the advertising material that is shown to you.

A graphic design does not represent the product that you buy or the advertising content that is displayed to you.”

The study also included a quiz that asked users to type in a word and a question.

“People often ask if the word designer is used when you’re trying to advertise something,” said Waddel.

“In fact, designers are usually used when trying to sell something, not when you are trying to make a point about advertising.

It’s just a fact of life.

So people often use the word logo when trying a business marketing idea.”

Adobe recommends that people search for graphic designer by typing the word “design” and then select the word that most closely describes the graphic design.

If you’re not sure what the word means, you can always check out Adobe’s search engine.

The graphic design industry is growing, but it’s not everywhere yet, Waddick said.

He says that Adobe and other companies are working on creating a more inclusive online market for graphic designers.

“We’re working to make it easier for people to search for design and advertisers to advertise on the same search terms,” he explained.

“We’re also working to create a more accurate online marketplace for designers, so that designers are able to sell their products to people in the same way that advertisers sell their advertising.

That’s why we created our own marketplace that allows you to search by designer and to find the designers who work with you.”

Advertising is still the most popular form of advertising, but Waddill says that graphic design has its place in the marketplace.

“Design is a great way to sell,” he told Business Insider.

“Advertising and graphic design are different.

Graphic design can be a marketing tool, but advertising is about the actual presentation of the advertisement.

When it comes to the marketing side, graphic design can help you create an attractive, professional look and feel, while advertising can be more of a sales pitch.

You need both to be successful in both.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Adobe, you should check out their portfolio of products and services, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop Lightroom.