Here are 20 graphic design principles to help you grow your business.1.

Do what you love to do2.

Get your hands dirty3.

Build your audience4.

Make sure your audience is happy.5.

Don’t worry about how you look or what you look like.6.

Don’ t be afraid to take risks.7.

Focus on the big picture8.

Create the perfect project9.

Be creative with your ideas.10.

Make a list of all the people who will be using your product and how to make them use it.11.

Have a good relationship with your customers.12.

Be prepared for the inevitable customer support questions.13.

Create a customer satisfaction plan14.

Keep your customers in mind when making decisions15.

Create an email newsletter to help with your marketing.16.

Get in touch with the right people for your project.17.

Focus your marketing efforts on one key thing: the end result.18.

Get feedback from your team.19.

Know the customer’s needs.20.

Be flexible.

This can be a good idea if you are making a product or service.

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