Seattle is home to a vibrant graphic design community and many artists have made a name for themselves with their design work.

In 2017, there were more than 150 submissions for the Seattle Graphic Art Award, a $1,000 prize for a creative piece of work, the first such award to be awarded in the city.

There were five finalists.

Three were finalists in a field that includes photography, sculpture, installation, installation art and graphic design.

The winning pieces include work by Arturo Hernandez, who won the 2017 Seattle Design Award for his “A Day in the Life of an Artist in Seattle.”

It is one of two awards in the category.

“The work of Arturo is incredibly important in this year’s Seattle Graphic Award and we are really grateful for his work,” said Seacombe-Hernandez.

“We have seen his work over the past two years and I am happy that he was selected as a winner.”

He was selected because of his “courageous and passionate approach to the work,” according to the award’s description.

The Seattle Graphic Arts Association said Hernandez is a member of the Association of Seattle Artists, an art organization that provides a forum for Seattle artists to connect and collaborate.

In a statement, Hernandez said, “I am very proud to have won this award and I thank the community for their support.

It was a very rewarding experience and a very difficult decision to make.”

Hernandez’s work can be seen on display at the Seattle Arts Council.

The other finalists in the field were Andrew L. Clark and Jessica R. Johnson.

The two-time winners in the art category are among a number of artists who have made notable contributions to the Seattle art scene.

They include James D. Wertheimer, who designed Seattle’s First Lady’s Park, and J.H. Dijkstra, who created the Seattle World War II Memorial, among other projects.

The winners of the 2017 award are not considered eligible for the 2017 National Seattle Arts Awards, which are being held in June in Washington.

The awards are intended to recognize and promote outstanding artists.

A selection of the works featured in the 2017 winners will be on display for a year at the National Seattle Art Awards ceremony in Seattle.

In 2019, the National Gallery of Art will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Seattle Art Museum’s creation with a new exhibit, “Seattle: A World in Pictures.”

The exhibition features a number to see, some of which will be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Seattle in 2019.

The National Gallery will also host an exhibit titled “Seattle and the West: Visual and Performing Arts” and a show entitled “Art and Art History: A History of the City of Seattle.”