NHL News has posted a video featuring an NHL logo on a meme.

The video, which is currently being viewed over 5 million times on Facebook, is being made by NHL creative director, Adam Luebke, and is available to watch below.

Luebkel said the idea behind creating the meme was inspired by the “Puck Family” meme.

“The ‘Puck’ family is a group of hockey players who play for the Ottawa Senators,” Lueba said in the video.

“They are all very similar looking, but when you look closely at them they have some very different personalities, and they have a very strong bond.”

The video also includes clips of the “Fancy” family from “The Simpsons” and other animated series.

Liebke explained that the meme is meant to capture the feeling of a real family gathering, as opposed to just being about a few friends and having a drink at a bar.

“If you were a hockey player in the NHL, how would you get together?

Would you get a group with a couple of buddies, a couple with friends?

And so we wanted to capture that feeling, to capture what it would be like for your family to be together,” Lucebke said.

The “Penguins Family” from “Grimm” is also featured in the clip.

“We wanted to make sure we captured the same feeling that we would get when you were on the ice with a family and a group,” Lure said.

“There’s a lot of emotions that come with a hockey game and that’s why we wanted the Penguin Family to be there.”

Lueba explained that when he first watched the video, he thought that it looked like a lot to be honest.

“I had no idea how big the NHL logo was going to be,” he said.

“I didn’t realize how big of a logo it would look like.

I thought, ‘This is going to look pretty cool.'”

The video is available now and will be featured in an upcoming edition of the NHL Magazine.