The Sydney Opera Houses has become the focus of a heated debate over the colour of its walls and the changing face of Sydney’s history.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has been painted white for years, but a group of artists are planning to do the same for the Sydney Harbour Opera House.

They say it will bring the city back to its glory days and remind visitors of the history of the city, which was founded in 1819.

The project, dubbed “The Return of Sydney”, is being funded by the city’s Heritage Lottery Fund and the NSW Government.

The project was started by Sydney City Council’s heritage committee, which has long been concerned about the future of the historic city.

In the past, the city has painted over the city walls and other buildings that are now a heritage asset, with some buildings having been left to deteriorate and be destroyed.

But in 2013, the council decided to take a different approach.

“The project is about taking a look back and bringing Sydney back to the glory days, which is very important to us,” city heritage committee chairwoman Angela McCrae said.

‘I can’t believe we’re taking away a building that’s a landmark of our city, of Sydney, of our state’ The heritage committee is considering three options to replace the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

It is also considering using a new design that would change the city into a ‘white Sydney’ or a ‘gold Sydney’, and also create a mural on the building that will tell people about the history and legacy of the harbour bridge.

Its proposed mural, painted by Sydney artist Taryn Pappas, will be placed in the Harbour Bridge and will tell visitors about the harbour’s history and its importance.

Taryn Pas says the mural will tell Sydney’s story “I have this little black and white picture in my mind, I think it is the most powerful piece of art I have ever had.”

Tanya Pas, Sydney’s muralist, says the project will tell a story of “history, and the story of Sydney”.

“It’s going to be the only place you’re going to see a city of Sydney without a harbour bridge, a bridge that was built by the Dutch and built to transport goods, not people,” she said.

“We’re really trying to get Sydney to be what we think of as a white Sydney.”

In its application to the heritage committee for the project, the City of Sydney said it was not taking away the harbour bridges, but was instead “bringing them back to their glory days”.

The city also said the mural would be a reminder of the importance of the old harbour bridges.

A group of art experts from around the world have been commissioned to create the mural, which will be painted over a period of five months.

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