Graphic designer salaries can go up to $100 million per year according to a new report from Forbes.

According to a survey conducted by Forbes, graphic designers can expect to make up to a $100-million-a-year income if they are successful at their jobs.

“If you’re making $100K, $100M is the ceiling for the kind of income that you can get from graphic design,” said Forbes graphic designer and CEO Peter Fimrite.

“If you have a $20M-plus portfolio, then you can do that, but if you have $50M, then $100-$200M is probably not realistic.”

The infographic shows the top graphic designers salaries in the United States, as well as in the country’s 50 largest metro areas.

According to Forbes, in 2015, the median salary for graphic designers was $100.5K per year.

That was down from $115K in 2014, but still a substantial increase from the $84K median salary in 2004.

The graphic designer salaries also are projected to rise over the next decade, as the population of graphic designers ages and the economy changes.

According a 2017 study from the Pew Research Center, graphic design was the most popular professional occupation in 2017.

In terms of job market share, graphic artists and designers accounted for 28% of the job market, and graphic designers accounted of 26% of full-time job market jobs in the U.S. The top job market for graphic design in 2017 was graphic designers.

The infographic also shows that graphic design is a good career for men and women.

According, men are much more likely to work in graphic design than women.

The average male designer earns $70,000 more than the average female designer, and the average woman earns $65,000 less.

The graphic design infographic was created by Glamour magazine.

The company that created it, Fimite Creative, was founded by former Wall Street Journal writer and journalist Joe Giammaria.

Fimine Creative is the first company to be featured on the cover of Glamor, the online magazine of the Glamorous Society, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the art and design industries.

Glamor was founded in 2015 by Joe Giaia, an entrepreneur and writer who has worked in digital marketing, media and publishing, digital publishing and technology.

Giamma has published three books, including The Graphic Design Revolution: How to Start a New Business in a Digital Age and How to Create a Winning Career in the Information Age.

The group was recently named to the GIA’s list of top 200 organizations in the media and entertainment sector by the Media Research Center.

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