Gartners latest market research report for 2015 is no less a wake-up call than its last report, but this time it has much more to say about the future of the graphic design industry.

For the first time in years, the market leader is taking a look at graphic design as a whole, with the focus now on what companies are doing right and what companies need to do better.

The report says graphic design companies are better positioned than ever to compete with the world, and that more companies are working to optimize their business models to ensure they can thrive in the new digital world.

But the report doesn’t delve into specific solutions for specific companies, leaving much to be desired, according to the companies that received the report.

It does, however, give some interesting insights into the challenges faced by some graphic design startups, including ones that focus on social media and mobile design.

Here are the top five reasons Gartens report is a wake up call for companies:1.

Graphic design companies need a stronger business model.

The Gartener report finds graphic design is a complex business that requires a more sophisticated business model than the way companies have traditionally done business.

The business model requires companies to develop their own products and services, but many companies are still focused on selling a single product.

The result is they don’t invest as much into marketing, customer support, or sales as they might like.

This is especially true of companies that have more established product and service portfolios.2.

Graphic designers are more valuable than ever.

Garteners report found graphic design’s value is in its ability to connect consumers and clients to creative services, and in its overall social impact.

That’s why companies are focusing on digital, social media marketing, and mobile marketing.

In fact, a number of companies are trying to use social media as a marketing platform for their products.3.

Graphic companies need better communication with customers.

In the report, companies said that they’re also getting better at communicating with their customers, and are trying out different approaches to communicating.

They’re also learning to better use technology, which is an important step for companies that are still struggling to build a good user experience and engage their customers.4.

Graphic products are changing the way we communicate with each other.

Companies said that consumers are increasingly using digital platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, to communicate with one another.

This trend is evident in the report on mobile products, where more than half of companies said their mobile products are more engaging than their desktop products.5.

More people are buying digital products.

In addition to better communication, companies also found that digital product sales have become more mainstream, which has opened up opportunities for them to be more proactive in their marketing campaigns.6.

The digital world is changing the market for graphic design.

The market is evolving and it’s changing the landscape of how businesses are built and how they make money.

This has created a whole new class of products and experiences that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including social, marketing, advertising, and even retail.

The next generation of graphic design products, like augmented reality, augmented reality headsets, and 360-degree displays, will also help companies thrive in a new world.

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