In a move that may also prove controversial, Google is running a new ad that promises a cheaper alternative to Facebook.

The new campaign, which was published this week in the Financial Times, comes as the social network has struggled to retain its top positions in the search market.

“Facebook and Google’s ads are expensive, but Google’s own ads are free,” reads the ad, which is aimed at people who prefer to shop on the internet.

The ad also highlights how Google has the power to offer advertisers a better deal on advertising.

“This is the most important advertising opportunity we’ve had in years, and the best opportunity to grow our business in a big way,” said Brad Smith, head of advertising for Google, in a blog post.

Facebook’s ad platform is owned by Facebook, which runs its advertising services in-house.

Google’s new ad campaign is aimed directly at the growing number of people who say they want to shop at Google but don’t have a way to do so.

It uses images of products and a company logo to draw attention to the ad services’ cost and offer a better price.

The campaign’s goal is to make it easier for people to shop for products at Google.

In the past, the company has used similar tactics to attract people to its services.

Google has also struggled to attract shoppers to its ads since launching in 2014.

Facebook and Google have been competing for ad revenue and users for years.

Last year, Facebook lost nearly 20% of its ad revenue to Google, while Google was up nearly 30% in the same period.

This year, Google has been trying to catch up with Facebook by launching its own ad services, but this campaign is seen as the first major push into the marketplace by Google.

Google says its ads are currently available for use on more than 600 million sites, but it has been struggling to retain customers.

It launched its first ad services in 2013, and it launched its own video ads for smartphones in 2015.

But this campaign appears to be the first step towards a full takeover of the ad market, with Google now offering its own ads for shopping and services.

The company’s ad offering was initially priced at $9.99 (£7.80) per month, but now it is free.

The Adwords Adwords program lets people buy ads for free.

Adwords has been available on Google since 2009.

In April, Google launched a similar ad offering for free, but that did not generate any interest from advertisers.

Google and Facebook have previously been rivals in search and ad sales.

In 2013, Facebook won a $1.1 billion court case against Google over its search results, a case that led to a $4 billion settlement.

Facebook is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over its ad sales practices, including a complaint filed in January that alleges that Google violated its terms of service by promoting its products to people who did not opt into its AdWords program.

A Google spokesperson told Business Insider that the new adverts are aimed at a wider audience than the earlier ads.

“The new campaign is an extension of Google Adwords, which we launched in 2018 and which has seen record growth and continues to drive traffic to our services,” the spokesperson said.