The Bauhas graphic design scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students of the Bauhas Department of Graphic Design.

The Bauris, whose name is derived from the French word “boule”, were one of the first graphic design schools founded in Germany.

The university’s website says the scholarship, which is available to students from both genders and ethnicities, is “an innovative and innovative way to connect students with the latest trends in graphic design, including those of graphic design.”

The Baurisch scholarship is available through the school’s online application system, as well as through Baurhaus’s own online portal, where students can upload portfolios and submit their work for consideration.

It’s a two-year, $1,200 stipend that is eligible for up to six months of work.

Bauras student Angela Sauer told The Hindu that she was looking forward to applying for the scholarship after seeing her friend’s work featured on the cover of the latest edition of Esquire magazine.

“It’s a way to get a lot of exposure,” she said.

“It’s very nice that I am getting a chance to be on a cover with the design of someone who is so far ahead of me.

I want to use my experience to show that we are not alone in the world.”

Students will have to submit their portfolio through the Baurische website and the Bausch and Lomb online portal.

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, be between 18 and 24 years old and have a good work ethic.

The award is for a design portfolio that includes two or more works of art.

“If I get it, I will work really hard and do my best to make it something that is going to make people smile,” Sauer said.

The Bausches’ website has a range of design tutorials, including how to create digital graphics for the school.

“I think the thing about the Bursal, is it’s a place where you are able to work as an artist,” Sauber said.

“We are not really going to be doing a whole lot of design, but I think it will make it so that you can go from being a student to being a designer.”

You can get your own design studio and create a portfolio for your students.