Google has launched a new way to celebrate people’s birthday, and it’s a bit like a birthday party at the office.

The company has rolled out a new feature called “Birthday Card,” which will allow people to send birthday cards to friends, loved ones and even strangers.

Birthday cards will be sent in a special envelope, and people can choose to include photos or text them in the message.

The service is only available in the US and Canada.

Birthdays are not a thing that just happens every year, but Google is working on ways to make them a more tangible part of everyday life.

It’s hoping to eventually roll out the service globally.

Google said that the feature is “an extension of Google+.

For people who love to celebrate their birthday, this is a great way to get a reminder to do so.

For people with more mundane celebrations, it’s easy to send them a birthday greeting.”

The company said that people can add up to 100 photos or a text message to the birthday card, and they can also send the card to anyone they want.

Google has said that it wants to make birthday cards more than just a novelty.

“We believe that the way people share photos on social media is a key part of making the holidays more meaningful,” the company said.

“With the advent of personalized and connected experiences, we want people to be able to share their photos and send birthday messages that will inspire, delight, and surprise.”

Google says it will also be making a separate app that will let people send birthday greetings on their Android devices.