The graphic design profession is changing rapidly, and the market is rapidly expanding, according to the National Council of Graphic Designers and Publishers.

While the graphic design industry is expected to grow from about $7 billion in 2012 to $18.8 billion in 2019, there are several hurdles to overcome, according a NCCGP report.

The first is software.

The NCCP says it is already seeing a lot of developers start to realize the value of the graphic arts they design.

This has been true for many years, according the report. 

NCCGPs report says more than one-third of graphic designers are starting to make money.

But the report also says the business environment is still evolving, with many graphic designers having to figure out how to pay their own staff, while others have to rely on freelance services. 

“As more and more designers start to embrace graphic design as a creative practice, their salaries and compensation levels are expected to increase dramatically,” the report states. 

In the coming years, the report says, graphic designers will be able to work for less and they will be in better positions to negotiate higher wages. 

The report also predicts that the industry will need to create an “economy of innovation” to grow.

There are a number of opportunities in the industry to develop software that can be used by more people to make design decisions for their businesses.

The report states that the NCCs goal is to create “a robust, open-source, free-software graphic design environment that is as robust as its components, allowing designers to create new tools and technologies that are free, easy to use, and maintainable, while also offering the most flexible and powerful graphical design tools and environments available.” 

The NCC is a not-for-profit, professional association of graphic design professionals and design-savvy professionals in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The association promotes and protects graphic design’s core values and ideals, while recognizing the contributions that graphic designers have made to the visual art world and society at large.