— Alabama Tech is seeking a digital graphic designer who can help design and manage its online presence, as the company looks to increase its online reach.

The tech company has been seeking a designer for the position since May.

“Digital graphic designers are a key component of our strategy for expanding our online presence,” said Lisa A. Wohlgemuth, chief digital officer for Alabama Tech.

According to the state’s online recruitment site, the job posting says the position requires “experience with digital and mobile design, data visualization, graphics, multimedia, video, and design and web design.”

It is a digital design position with an emphasis on “web design and development.”

“This position is intended for individuals who are well-versed in web design, with an understanding of the web design tools and best practices used in the digital media industry, as well as experience with HTML5, CSS3, CSS4, JavaScript and jQuery.

The candidate will be responsible for designing digital content on the web, including content for mobile devices, desktop applications, social media and other websites,” the job listing reads.

Alabama tech’s search has been active for several months, and has hired a number of people.

In July, the school said it hired four new employees, including an assistant digital director.

Last week, Alabama Tech announced it had hired five more people, including a data analytics assistant, a digital content director and a web development specialist.