The average consumer uses credit cards at least once a month, and the vast majority of that is for things like checking accounts, car loans, and home purchases.

And yet, there’s a small but growing group of consumers who use credit cards to finance small purchases, such as things like car repairs, or buying a house.

“If you’re looking for a quick way to get money from someone, it’s usually better to use a credit score,” said Sarah Jones, founder and CEO of Credit Karma.

“If someone is borrowing money from you, then you’re more likely to be able to get that money in the first place,” she said.

 Credit Karma’s Credit Score Finder lets you see how much credit you have available, the types of credit cards you’re most likely to use and how much you’ll be able spend on a particular purchase.

But the average consumer will be more than happy to pay a premium for a better score.

In the past few years, a number of credit card companies have begun to offer new cards with a high credit score, but they’re not as widely available as the new cards offered by the likes of Fidelity or Experian.

So what can you use as a credit scoring tool?

For the average credit card customer, a high score will likely mean a better return on investment for the card.

“When you’re shopping for a car, you’re going to want a high-scoring car, or you’re not,” said Jones.

For other types of purchases, a score can help you to get more money in your pocket.

If you buy a home with a car loan, you’ll likely be more likely than someone without a credit history to repay the loan over time.

As you can see in the chart below, if you have a credit-worthiness score of 100, you will be much more likely (by the data’s logic) to qualify for a low interest rate on a home loan.

Jones also suggested that using a credit scores can also be a good indicator of your overall creditworthiness.

When you buy an appliance, for example, a credit report can give you an idea of the type of creditworthiness of your credit card provider.

A high score on your credit report will also tell you what types of home loans are available to you.

The bottom line?

A credit score can provide you with more leverage when shopping for financing options, and it can also help you identify the best possible loan terms for you.