(CNN)A video of the lead single from Justin Bieber’s new album I’m With you was seen by millions of people and was a hit in just four days.

But for the internet, it didn’t go over so well.

In the first days of its worldwide release, it was one of the most shared videos on YouTube.

But the reaction on social media was mixed.

Some took it as a sign that Justin Bieber was a bit too hip and pop.

And when the music of ‘I Am Yours’ hit the streets on Wednesday, the Internet took notice.

In a series of tweets, the Canadian singer’s fans took to social media to express their opinions about the video.

But it didn\’t take long for the video to be taken down, as the creators of the video were forced to take down the video due to copyright issues.

The creators of ‘My Love’ released a statement to the media on Thursday afternoon, explaining that they received a DMCA takedown notice for the song and a cease and desist letter from the music industry.

They also shared their thoughts on the controversy:I have the utmost respect for artists and fans.

I appreciate that they take the time to listen to the work they have created.

However, they are not authorized to release this song on the internet without my permission.

In their statement, the creators also explained that they had been contacted by the Recording Industry Association of Canada (RIAC) and were waiting for their permission before releasing the song online.

They added that the band are in contact with the music labels involved in the song’s release.

In an interview with Canadian newspaper the Ottawa Citizen, Bieber himself said he didn\’T expect the video would be taken off YouTube, saying: I have been reading a lot about it and I\’ve been hearing a lot of people are pissed off about it.

“It was something that I did in my youth and it wasn\’t anything I didn\’ve thought of,” he added.

Bieber has also tweeted that he didn’t expect the song to be banned on the Internet, telling the publication: I just thought that it wasn’t that great a song and I didn’t think that it would get that much attention.