This graphic is really hideous.

In this case, that’s a deliberate choice.

This graphic by designer Yvette Guillaume is designed for the International Design Week, and she says she’s inspired by the work of French artist Pierre Giguere.

Guillaume says she had a hard time deciding what to make, so she turned to Gigueres “fascinating” work.

“I wanted to find a good way to use colour, I was thinking about black and white and black and blue.

I decided to make this graphic, and it’s a bit of a work of art,” she told The Hindu.

The graphic’s design is made up of five parts.

The first is a line of three colors, one red, one green and one blue.

The second part, which also shows the shape of the eye, is a single color, and the third part is a colour palette.

Guillaumes eye is made of a blue eye and a red eye.

The colours of the two eyes are black and grey.

“When you make a design with such a colour scheme, you end up with a lot of colour,” she said.

Guillame says she chose to create the graphic with an eye shape that looks like a cat.

She also used the colour red to create a sense of sadness.

She says it was an eye-catching design, as it made the design feel less like an advertisement.

“I wanted it to feel as if I was seeing my cat, but not like a cartoon cat,” she explained.

“This is a visual representation of the emotions that people have when they see an image of a cat.”

A cat’s eyes are shaped in the shape that is the eye.

They are usually the size of a quarter and are shaped with a special function.

A cat’s eye is also called a ‘pupillary pupil’.

The final part of the graphic is a list of colours.

The list is the heart of the design, and Guillaum says the colours work together to create something magical.

“If you want to create an image that you can show it to people, it’s not just about colours,” she explains.

“You have to create that feeling that you are seeing something.”

Guillaum said that her graphic design took her several months to create.

It took a lot out of her to put it together.

“The design is not very precise.

The colour palette is a bit messy and I made a lot mistakes, but the result is beautiful,” she says.