Graphic design jobs are getting tougher, with job seekers getting increasingly anxious, a new survey suggests.

For the second straight year, nearly a quarter of respondents said they were at least a little nervous about applying for a job.

They were also more likely to say they had experienced anxiety and depression, according to the latest edition of the National Association of Graphic Designers & Editors (NAGD &Ed) survey, published Wednesday.

“This is a major concern,” said David Wills, CEO of NAGD.

“There are so many graphic designers in the world who are getting squeezed out of the profession.”

According to the survey, more than half of the graphic design jobs offered were for music.

About one-third of graphic designers and artists said they would like to work in music-related industries, with more than a quarter considering a career in that field.

About one in five of the surveyed said they had heard about the rise in anxiety among artists.

About 60 percent said they either had never experienced anxiety before or had had it during their careers.

About a third said they believed they had had an anxiety disorder.

More than a third of graphic design students said they felt a lot of pressure to make a good impression at work, but a quarter said they struggled with it at home.

One in four said they wished they could quit their job as soon as possible.

The survey also found that the percentage of students saying they were satisfied with their job was at a record high.

About 17 percent of students said their job performance was excellent or very good.

Another issue that has been on students’ minds is whether they will be able to find work as graphic designers.

About half of graphic designer students said that finding a job as a graphic design artist or designer is very difficult, while 27 percent said it is not too difficult.

About half of those surveyed said their current job would not be a good fit for them, while the other half said they do not see the need for a different job.

About 70 percent of the students said the company where they currently work has a graphic designers’ union that can represent them.

“We want to ensure we’re making a good job,” said Wills.

“We want a fair salary, we want a supportive environment.”

“When I was a student I felt I was just going to have to accept it, just like I do now,” said student Laura Miller.

“I don’t want to feel like I’ve been left behind.”