Which of the following tees is best for you?

A few months ago, the internet was abuzz with the news that the British-made designer designer Giorgio Armani had decided to launch a brand called Giori.The name is an homage to Armanis most famous work, the Art Deco design that was created between 1887 and 1931.The designer is best known for his work in the […]

How to be a graphic designer and become a top musician in a few hours

Graphic design jobs are getting tougher, with job seekers getting increasingly anxious, a new survey suggests.For the second straight year, nearly a quarter of respondents said they were at least a little nervous about applying for a job.They were also more likely to say they had experienced anxiety and depression, according to the latest edition […]

How to be a better graphic designer in 2020

A year after the global financial crisis, there’s a growing demand for graphic design.While a large number of students want to master graphic design, it’s also becoming more difficult to find professional jobs.The job market has shifted to a more competitive and digitally driven environment, and students are finding it increasingly difficult to land a […]

How to create a fun graphic design career

Graphic design has been around for centuries and has evolved over the years into a highly interactive form of expression that combines graphic design with film, theatre, design and illustration.There are more than 100,000 graphic designers in the world and the skills and abilities of each individual are important, said Lisa McBride, a graphic design […]

MFA Graphic Design: Free for One Week!

The MFA program is an online degree in graphic design that can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000.It’s designed to teach students how to create graphic design, but it also provides a degree that’s open to students of all backgrounds.Here’s how it works.Step 1: Take a test (it’s free for a limited number of people […]

When the music video for ‘I’m With You’ started to go viral, the internet was up in arms

(CNN)A video of the lead single from Justin Bieber’s new album I’m With you was seen by millions of people and was a hit in just four days.But for the internet, it didn’t go over so well.In the first days of its worldwide release, it was one of the most shared videos on YouTube.But the […]

When to ask for a credit card, and when to use it

The average consumer uses credit cards at least once a month, and the vast majority of that is for things like checking accounts, car loans, and home purchases.And yet, there’s a small but growing group of consumers who use credit cards to finance small purchases, such as things like car repairs, or buying a house.“If […]

What is the difference between the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ restaurants in the US?

Graphic design is a new art form that has been gaining a lot of attention in the past few years.Many of the world’s top designers, such as David Hockney, have started to use it in their work, including as an inspiration for their portfolio.But what exactly is a graphic designer?Is a graphic design an art […]

How to design a simple infographic with a little help

Designers: Get started with our free tutorial, and see how to make a simple, yet sophisticated infographic.We’ve covered this infographic a few times already, but the graphic design portion is worth a quick overview for new designers.The infographic is a simple diagram with a number of arrows representing the different categories of content, as well […]

When was the last time you got a birthday card from a person?

Google has launched a new way to celebrate people’s birthday, and it’s a bit like a birthday party at the office.The company has rolled out a new feature called “Birthday Card,” which will allow people to send birthday cards to friends, loved ones and even strangers.Birthday cards will be sent in a special envelope, and […]