Which graphic design symbols have a better meaning?

It’s hard to say exactly what each symbol means, but the following list will provide you with a sense of what the symbols mean, and how they relate to the meaning of a particular word.For example, ‘graphic designer’ refers to a person who designs graphic designs.‘Graphic designer symbol’ refers, to a graphic designer who creates […]

Gartner: ‘Gartner will make the world go around’

Gartners latest market research report for 2015 is no less a wake-up call than its last report, but this time it has much more to say about the future of the graphic design industry.For the first time in years, the market leader is taking a look at graphic design as a whole, with the focus […]

What’s next for Facebook?

Facebook’s first-quarter earnings report showed that the social media giant was down about $1 billion in the quarter.But analysts and investors were still optimistic about the company’s prospects in the next year.The company is on pace to post $40 billion in revenue in 2019, according to the S&P 500, and investors are betting that it […]

Graphic design salaries can be as high as $100,000 per year

Graphic designer salaries can go up to $100 million per year according to a new report from Forbes.According to a survey conducted by Forbes, graphic designers can expect to make up to a $100-million-a-year income if they are successful at their jobs.“If you’re making $100K, $100M is the ceiling for the kind of income that […]

How to get your next graphic design job

How to Get Your Next Graphic Design Job Graphic Design Concepts: Graphic Design Projects Graphic Design projects: How to pick a good one Graphic Design Applications Graphic Design: Tools for freelancers Graphic Design Internships Graphic Design for the Web Graphic Design Design for Mobile Graphic Designers: How graphic designers can make money Graphic Designing Tips […]

How to design graphic design tutorials

How to Design Graphic Design Tutorials on the Internet: Graphic Design and Illustration from Beginners to Pro.This article is about graphic design.How to Create Graphic Design Tips, Tricks and Techniques from Beginner to Advanced.This article is a collection of articles, how to design your own graphic design tutorial and how to use it in your […]

How to get the most out of Adobe Illustrator

By now, most of us are familiar with Adobe Illustrators typography design, which is the way that most of the Adobe Creative Suite is designed.Adobe Illustration has the ability to render a lot of different types of text on a computer screen, which makes it really flexible for use in different scenarios.In this article, we’re […]

Former CEO of Google’s ‘fiverrs’ is ‘the biggest troll on the internet’

Fiverr co-founder Kevin Rose is a “troll” whose business “featured a wide range of fake accounts and accounts with names like ‘Darth Vader,’” according to a former co-worker.“The company was known for its trolling,” said one former Fiverrs employee, who asked to remain anonymous because the company was still in business.“He was also a troll […]

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