Good graphic design for the 1920s

This is a great article from the ESPN archives.We’re going to go over some of the great graphics that the 1920’s produced, but first, let’s talk about the graphic design.This is a good graphic, it’s the 1920.This is not a good design, it looks like a very old poster from the 1930s.But if you take […]

Why I am Not the Right Guy to Promote Conservative Values

I am not the right guy to promote Conservative values, and I am a proud conservative.That is why I am running for Congress in 2020.That’s why I’m running against a candidate who has shown no interest in the principles of the American Conservative movement and its values.I will not allow myself to be used by […]

How to design the perfect football team graphic design pad

The football team logo is probably the most iconic piece of logo design in the world, and that’s due to its simple, elegant and distinctive style.So how do you create the perfect team logo?If you’ve ever wondered how you can design a football team, this article will help you get started.1.Choose the right font.It’s important […]

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