Graphic design platforms for children, including cartoons, posters, and comics, according to Australian research

Graphic design websites are one of the most popular ways for children to learn about the world around them.They can be great for teaching and building interest in subjects they might otherwise not have studied, or even for entertaining them.But according to research conducted by a team of Australian researchers, children’s visual media literacy is […]

Canadian designers make their mark in the global design marketplace

Graphic design platforms such as Etsy, Shopify and offer a range of design services to Canadians, with a focus on online retailing.But as they look to expand beyond the traditional retailing sector, the industry has seen a surge in design professionals.For some, that means taking on more projects for clients, which they have found […]

How to Design Your Own Graphics Platform

Graphic design platforms are a huge growth market for businesses.They are used by hundreds of thousands of designers across the globe, with companies in more than 30 countries spending tens of millions of dollars on their development.For many designers, these platforms are the primary way to gain exposure for their work, but they can also […]