How to design a great graphic design newsletter

An aspiring graphic designer can be tempted to think that their job is just to create great looking graphics and that they don’t have much to offer to the industry as a whole.But with graphic design training and resources, the graphic designer is encouraged to consider other things, like marketing, sales and business development.Here are […]

Retro Graphics is a Gift of the Future

Retro graphics is a gift of the future, says an engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.A recent study found that retro graphics is growing exponentially, and could eventually become an industry by 2050.The infographic above is a great example of retro graphics.It shows the progression of a graphic in three dimensions, the evolution of […]

How to make your own graphics design template

Atlanta has created a template that’s designed to make graphics design more visually appealing.The template includes all of the elements you’ll need to make a beautiful graphic design template, including all the essential components for creating a logo and logo design.It has all the necessary information needed to create your own logo, including a logo […]