Which graphic designer are you? linkin title Why are you looking for a graphic designer? linkIN title 10 Graphic designers you should hire, not just because they have a graphic design degree

The infographic below is part of our series on the best graphic designers in the world.It’s part of a collaboration between Buzzfeed and The Graphic Designers Association, an organization that focuses on the profession of graphic design.If you’re not familiar with graphic design but want to know what it’s all about, here’s a quick primer.The […]

Former CEO of Google’s ‘fiverrs’ is ‘the biggest troll on the internet’

Fiverr co-founder Kevin Rose is a “troll” whose business “featured a wide range of fake accounts and accounts with names like ‘Darth Vader,’” according to a former co-worker.“The company was known for its trolling,” said one former Fiverrs employee, who asked to remain anonymous because the company was still in business.“He was also a troll […]

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