MFA Graphic Design: Free for One Week!

The MFA program is an online degree in graphic design that can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000.It’s designed to teach students how to create graphic design, but it also provides a degree that’s open to students of all backgrounds.Here’s how it works.Step 1: Take a test (it’s free for a limited number of people […]

Retro Graphics is a Gift of the Future

Retro graphics is a gift of the future, says an engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.A recent study found that retro graphics is growing exponentially, and could eventually become an industry by 2050.The infographic above is a great example of retro graphics.It shows the progression of a graphic in three dimensions, the evolution of […]

How To Design a Graphic Design Exam – GDC 2018

By: Tanya Tancredi, Graphic Design Essentials (GDE) The Graphic Design Academy at GDC (GDA) was a free workshop for anyone to learn how to design a professional graphic design portfolio.At the time of its launch, GDA was focused on creating high quality portfolios for companies that wanted to sell their work on their own sites.It […]