How to be the ultimate graphic designer in five easy steps

The graphic design industry is in its heyday right now, and as designers, we need to be aware of how to market ourselves in the age of social media.But there’s a big difference between the way people think and the way we do business.Here’s a quick guide to the best ways to market yourself as […]

How to create a graphic design meme on social media

NHL News has posted a video featuring an NHL logo on a meme.The video, which is currently being viewed over 5 million times on Facebook, is being made by NHL creative director, Adam Luebke, and is available to watch below.Luebkel said the idea behind creating the meme was inspired by the “Puck Family” meme.“The ‘Puck’ […]

How to build your own graphic design mockup

Graphic design mock-ups are a great way to experiment with different layouts, colors, and fonts.These mockups will help you hone in on your design vision, and you can make them as personal as you want.To do this, it’s important to learn about the basics of design, so we’ve put together a list of essential things […]

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a branch of graphic arts that aims to create visual images that are visually pleasing, easy to understand, and visually compelling.In other words, graphic design has a purpose.But it also has its drawbacks.The word design is often used interchangeably with graphic design, as in the case of graphic design schools, which are […]

Seattle Graphic Design Awards 2017 winners

Seattle is home to a vibrant graphic design community and many artists have made a name for themselves with their design work.In 2017, there were more than 150 submissions for the Seattle Graphic Art Award, a $1,000 prize for a creative piece of work, the first such award to be awarded in the city.There were […]

Why Yale Graphic Designers Are Killing the Job

Graphic designers are killing the job.Their work is becoming more demanding and demanding because they can no longer concentrate on their creative process and can’t maintain a high level of creative control. The graphic design industry has seen its share of ups and downs.It has seen the rise of the online media, with the proliferation of […]

The 20 best graphic design tips for aspiring graphic designers

Here are 20 graphic design principles to help you grow your business.1.Do what you love to do2.Get your hands dirty3.Build your audience4.Make sure your audience is happy.5.Don’t worry about how you look or what you look like.6.Don’ t be afraid to take risks.7.Focus on the big picture8.Create the perfect project9.Be creative with your ideas.10.Make a […]

How to make your own Nike graphics design patterns

In this post, we’ll take a look at the basics of creating your own graphic design pattern.First, what is a graphic design?A graphic design is a design pattern that is created to give an overall visual appearance to your website or website template.The pattern can be used to add a graphic element or an image.To […]

Which design firm is best for your graphic design industry?

Graphic designers are often asked the same question about which design firm they should choose to work for: what should they be working with, what kind of experience do they need, and what are the pros and cons of different companies? But the question isn’t about whether one should work for a big design agency or […]

When the market’s in, the best graphics design sweatshirt is now available

Graphic design has been one of the hottest trends for the last couple of years.Now, it seems that the graphic design market is back to its roots, as the market is now in its third year.It was a big year for the graphic designer market, as over 20 million graphic designers signed up for contracts […]

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