How to get a good logo for your website title design

Designers need a good website logo, says graphic designer Alex O’Brien. And, for your portfolio, you need a logo that is consistent with your branding.O’Briens logo is a bit of an eye-catcher: It has a large white circle around a black background. Its the perfect font to use for branding, says O’Reilly. “It’s not too bold, not too subtle,” […]

What if we had a hoodie for everyone?

The hoodie is the coolest thing ever, so it was only fitting to include it in our next issue of Hacker News.With so many different types of hoodies out there, it is hard to keep track of all of them.To help you with that task, we’ve gathered a list of the best hoodies that are […]

Which Graphic Design Career is the Best for You?

Graphic Design is an industry in need of a boost right now, and it’s time for a refresher course in the field.But what are the best graphic design jobs for the average freelancer, and what are some of the things you should know about graphic design?Here are our picks for the best jobs for freelancers.1.Graphic […]

‘How to build a website for a child’

We are all guilty of making mistakes, and this article offers a quick, simple, and free way to fix them.The goal is not to teach the world to write better web design, but to show the reader how to make a site with no effort whatsoever.So here we go:1.Start with your first article2.Write it down, […]

A Timeline Graphic Design for the 1960s

The first graphic design for the United States was created by the late John Lennon.It is called “The Beatles.”In 1962, a company called Epson created a logo for the company.That logo was the first graphic that was ever made for a U.S. company.Today, a graphic designer’s job is to create a graphic for any company […]

When is it OK to design your own architecture?

Posted October 05, 2018 06:33:37As architects, we are trained to use materials, patterns, colors and materials to design and build something, but what does it mean to design a building?Are we supposed to have all these design principles?How do we go about learning and practicing these principles?I’m here to give you some insight into some […]

Titans unveil first new logo in 12 years

The Titans have unveiled their new logo, which has been designed by a group of designers from around the world.The logo will be on the jerseys of all 30 NFL teams and will be available for purchase on Saturday.It’s a significant departure from the logo of the San Francisco 49ers, which the team rebranded in […]

How to design a graphic for a brochure

Designers and designers are often asked to make a brochures, the main presentation material for many businesses.It’s a common task, says Patrick Bostwick, the executive director of design consultancy The Bostwicks, and the key elements of a good brochure include a strong image and a compelling headline.Here are the 10 steps that you should follow […]

How to make your own graphic design shirt with 3D printing

By By Amy DittmarPosted Apr 25, 2018 10:23:56Digital graphic design and printing has made graphic design a reality in recent years.We’re used to being able to get something printed on demand, and a lot of the time that’s pretty good for us.But we can also print something we want to be able to wear and […]

Graphic designer salaries 2018

Graphic designer jobs in Australia continue to grow, with the number of full-time jobs in the industry expected to increase by 6 per cent in 2018.The Australian Graphic Design Council (AGDC) says the job growth will help offset the loss of full time jobs to the construction industry, which has fallen by more than half […]

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